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Article posted May 06 2007, 7:15 PM Category: History Source: ABC News Print

New Tape Suggests Kennedy Assassination Inside Job

An audio file serving as the final testimony of CIA veteran and convicted Watergate conspirator, E. Howard Hunt on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has surfaced.

It has been distilled down from a 20-minute tape made by Hunt at his home in Miami, according to his oldest son with whom E. Howard Hunt had enjoyed a good relationship in later life.

The unmarked cassette was received in the mail by his oldest son, Saint John Hunt, in Janurary 2004. At the time, the 86-year-old E. Howard Hunt was not well. According to Saint John Hunt, his father's only request was that the information not be released until his death. Shortly thereafter, he recovered from his illness and he would not die until January of 2007. The tape remained in Saint John Hunt's hands the entire time.

According to Saint John Hunt, the existence of the tape was unknown by his extended family until its broadcast on "Coast to Coast Live with Ian Punnett" on April 27, 2007. Many of the details of the tape were included in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine published earlier in the month.

The contents of the tape are consistent with E. Howard Hunt's CIA career. He was a significant team member of many CIA "wet ops," that is, bloody operations such as the violent overthrow of the democratically-elected Guatetamalan government of Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 and the assassination of Che Guevara. The Guatemalan civil war that resulted from the CIA-backed coup would eventually lead to the deaths of 200,000 people.

In his lifetime, E. Howard Hunt often would be glib about his roles in these "wet ops" and saw them as a kind of patriotic duty for which he was uniquely suited. He was urbane, well-connected and well-educated. He published over 85 spy novels and enjoyed the respect and companionship of many of Washington's conservative elite such as William F. Buckley who wrote the forward to Hunt's most recent memoirs.

But despite many allegations over the years, E. Howard Hunt had always denied until any involvement in the assassination of JFK. In 1978, Hunt testified under oath to Congress that neither he nor the CIA had had anything to do with the murder of the president.

According to this tape, he was only half-lying.

The "wet op" that was pulled off in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 may not have been orchestrated by the CIA proper but rather was put together by several CIA veterans and contract players-for-fire in a "non-sanctioned" hit originally "suggested" by then Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson. One of the many purposes of this tape, according to E. Howard Hunt, was to make clear of LBJ's involvement in the assassination.

Perhaps as a way of justifying the assassination, Hunt seems focused on establishing the "chain of command" to this action that allows him to see himself as following orders toward a greater patriotic goal.

On the tape, the man Hunt refers to as "Frank" is, according to written notes taken by Saint John Hunt, CIA Operative and later Watergate co-conspirator Frank Sturgis sometimes spelled "Sturgess." The mastermind appears to be Cord Meyer.

Dave Phillips was also a CIA Operative in Central and South America.

This tape also confirms the long-held suspicion that David Morales was a key member of the assassination team.

What is not on the tape is "Lucien Sartie," the man that Hunt, according to his son, confirmed earlier as the Corsican-born French contract hitman who was flown in to take the "head shot" at JFK from behind the Grassy Knoll.

What is not on this tape is motive but that is attested in other testimony.

These men allegedly hated Kennedy.

They saw him as soft on Communism, soft on Castro, guilty of sending their friends to their torture and deaths during the Bay of Pigs fisasco and a bad risk for the future of the country. They also did not respect him as a person for his philandering and other behaviors which had yet to become public knowledge but would have been known to them.

They were also resentful of the way that the White House had been treating the CIA through Kennedy's disdainful public posture on intelligence and the firings of many of their former associates.

In sum, with the permission of LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Phillips, David Morales, E. Howard Hunt conspired to create a "non-official" hit "for the good of the country."

And here, finally, is the taped testimony that proves that once and for all.

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Posted: May 12 2007, 9:07 AM

205188 See? After all these years, the truth finally comes out.....there WAS a shooter on the "grassy knoll." Sigh.
John S. Sulzbaugh, PhD

Posted: May 12 2009, 1:58 AM

7158 I was 13 years old on November 22, 1963, and for ten years I believed the Warren Commission’s report. This was mainly because my father, who bequeathed to me a passionate love for history, served dangerous duty in the 9th Amphibious Rangers, WW2. Pacific Theater; having risked his life, and was wounded five separate times, and he trusted implicitly the government’s commissions’ pronouncements. It was only when his mother, my grandma, told me that she will never be convinced that were told the whole truth regarding Pres. Kennedy’s murder. Ten years after the assassination, I saw the major motion picture EXECUTIVE ACTION, in which the stars (including the late Burt Lancaster and the late Will Geer, both whom I still admire) agreed with the growing case opposing the lone gunman and magic bullet “theories.” Arlen Specter, author of the latter concoction, is one of my senators, but one whose behavior of late further erodes whatever trust I have ever invested in him. At this point, I did something odd and made a complete concession to veracity Grandma Sultzbaugh’s opinion. By 1988, although I was dealing with workplace distractions (I had become a social studies classroom teacher), I welcomed the BBC production, THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY, especially after one Gerald Posner wrote a rather arrogant piece in US News and World Report (CASE CLOSED; 1993). Closing with the imperious declaration that anyone who refused to believe him (Posner) in his imperious and self-righteous support of the Warren cover-up was somehow dishonoring JFK’s memory, I decided that if he is enlisting emotional blackmail, he has nothing more compelling to provide. He is defending the Warren report as any attorney hired to do so might, but after Specter’s magnificent fiction, none can generate enough emotional blackmail to transform falsehoods into truths!

Posted: May 14 2010, 11:27 AM


Posted: May 15 2010, 3:38 AM

This is funny. But interesting is why they bring it out nwo.

But for example this is total obfuscation:
'They saw him as soft on Communism, soft on Castro, guilty of sending their friends to their torture and deaths during the Bay of Pigs fisasco and a bad risk for the future of the country. They also did not respect him as a person...'

They simply didn't like the fact that for one reason or another, that we'll probably never know, he turned against the agenda and wanted America to be what it was supposedly supposed to be from the beginning. Who knows, maybe he was one of those illuminati-offspring who was born with normal human traits.

Posted: Aug 25 2011, 10:35 AM

7697 I am not sure I buy the notion that the CIA and other government insiders were going to kill Kenedy partly because he "slept around". LBJ was known to have as many or more conquests over his career. The better angle would be that LBJ, as the former Speaker of the House, was, at one time, the most powerful man in DC. Now he was second fiddle. The LBJs of the world don't like that at all. However, to me, the better angle is the Mob after the Kennedy's (John and Robert) turned on them and began to prosecute them. The Mob links from New Orleans, Chicago and Montreal all worked to bring the Mob "wet team" into the country from Mexico. To me it is a fact that Lucian Sartie fired the head shot from behind the fence in the grassy knoll. He was wearing a police uniform so no one wouldn't give him a second look. It was also noted that one of the snipers was to "be on the horizontal", almost level with the target...that would have been the grassy knoll. A total of four shots were fired. Two hit Kennedy, one hit Connoly and one hit the curb. Although possibly plausible to think this was a coup de te by LBJ, I think the better, more realistic answer is Mob retaliation.
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