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Article posted Sep 06 2006, 9:43 PM Category: General Source: Radar Online Print

Anderson Cooper's CIA Secret

Anderson Cooper has long traded on his biography, carving a niche for himself as the most human of news anchors. But there's one aspect of his past that the silver-haired CNN star has never made public: the months he spent training for a career with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Following his sophomore and junior years at Yale—a well-known recruiting ground for the CIA—Cooper spent his summers interning at the agency's monolithic headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in a program for students interested in intelligence work. His involvement with the agency ended there, and he chose not to pursue a job with the agency after graduation, according to a CNN spokeswoman, who confirmed details of Cooper's CIA involvement to Radar.

"Whatever summer jobs or internships our anchors had in college couldn't be less consequential," she added. He has kept the experience a secret, sources say, out of concern that, if widely known, it might compromise his ability to travel in foreign countries and even possibly put him at greater risk from terrorists.

"He doesn't want to be any more of a target than he already is," says one Anderson confidante. On the other hand, as Bob Woodruff and others have learned, American journalists are already prime targets in the world's conflict zones, and are typically accused of having CIA ties even where none exist. And by not disclosing his training before now, Cooper has arguably made it into a potential issue. "It creates the appearance of something smelly there," says a former CNN official who knows Cooper. (Particularly in light of the period Anderson spent studying Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi after college. Soon after, Cooper apparently gave up his Bond fantasy to pursue a career in journalism—except for a brief period when he starred as host of ABC's reality show, The Mole.)

According to the spokeswoman, Cooper told his bosses at CNN about his time with the agency. But even if he hadn't, says Walter Isaacson, who headed the network from 2001 to 2003 and is now president of the Aspen Institute, it's not the sort of thing that would automatically require disclosure, since the stint was brief and far in the past. "I think what he did was probably fine and cool, and I've got no problems with it," he added.

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Posted: Oct 24 2007, 3:22 AM

6890 Ira Levin, best known for his novel "Rosemary's Baby," wrote an interesting alternative to the usual utopian literature with his 1970 book "This Perfect Day." It should be on the must-read list for anyone interested in utopian literature, especially in the potential for tyranny and the complexities involved in preventing such a society or correcting it once tyranny has taken hold.

Posted: Jan 31 2008, 11:03 AM

16677 Neither does he mention that he is a Vanderbilt...

Posted: Jan 31 2008, 11:58 AM

7240 anderson cooper is a first class Moron from the word go who ever hired has to be brain dead in the first degree when R o Paul gets in as president he will be in prison hes so corrupt and needs to get out of my country its funny they make there trillions here off all of us by embezelling and there still here whats up with that!

Posted: Jan 31 2008, 3:19 PM

70113 My lady friend, business associate who has extensive interaction with gays in the arts workd , claims Anderson is (my words) queer as a three dollar bill.
Pretty boy, CIA trained tail gunner, rump ranger who won't give my hero Ron Paul equal time.
You savage!

Posted: Feb 01 2008, 12:38 PM

71183 I worked directly with Anderson Cooper and CNN. I realized something was fishy there and decided to quit. All I can say about Anderson is that he is a homosexual (his lover is latino) and he does have an attitude of privledge. He walked around the halls of CNN as if he was too good to speak to his lowly producers. He was definitely a tool of the New World Order

Posted: Feb 03 2008, 5:14 AM

7048 Wow... PURE Paraanoia... Cooper is a journalist and he's being dogged for not giving equal time to R.Paul... If Paul's ideas were so "strong" then they ideas on their merits ALONE would win the day... But welcome to Democracy.... Where people THINK... Paul's ideas are hardly a mystery... anyone with have a brain cell could Google Paul and there you go... It's ALL there... makes me wonder...

Sites like are interesting. They say that the "new world order" is using propaganda.... RESEARCH propaganda techniques... you'll soon learn that commentators like Alex Jones use those techniques too. And if you see me as just another brain dead cog... then ask youself this... how come those who cry conspiracy never admit they are wrong? I have YET to see Alex Jones admit he is wrong about something.... and that, in my mind, speaks more conspiracy than anything....

It is when we look like our enemies, that is when we should be most concerned...

Posted: Mar 12 2008, 3:12 PM

216188 Wow that last person is a real idiot..

Posted: Mar 12 2008, 8:36 PM

206173 EVERYONE!
You should start streaming
Mike Malloy in U.S.
KPHX 1480 am
Please Listen.

Posted: Aug 11 2008, 12:32 AM

116206 If Ron Paul is such a hero, such an amazing person then why is he not the President of USA? And please stop with the Anderson is GAY bullshit. Who cares if he's gay, straight or bisexual? It is really an age old topic and getting very boring. Yawn...

Posted: Mar 06 2009, 11:57 PM

20381 Cool, I love him more now

Posted: Jun 04 2009, 11:22 PM

114128 No one who works for the CIA really stops working for the CIA. It is common practice for CIA, DIA, and so many others in government and in industries, to place their operatives in seemingly unconnected jobs, jobs which can, nevertheless, be useful to the agencies or industries. Some CIA paid folks are regular FBI workers and the reverse. Not all CIA folks work for the Agency all the time and often have very different assignments over time.
For example, Oswald had at least three jobs around the time of the JFK killing--deliver poison pills to Mexico (to go to Fidel), be a patsy for the JFK thing, and mess around in New Orleans with handbills on the street, etc.
The other funny thing is to investigate how agents and operatives not only work for those who pay them BUT ALSO WORK FOR THEMSELVES. Example, simple one, is the guys flying Air America planes in SEAsia carrying their own dope to sell as well as the assigned job. Also, imagine being an agent who knows when, for example, Boeing is gonna sell some stuff to us gov.... agent buys Boeing stock day before others know and makes a killing. Oh, yes, make some stock sales/buys the day before 9-11 and profit like a pro!!!

Get wise!

Posted: Sep 01 2009, 4:06 AM

2416 Such nonsensical question , Ron Paul didn't have the Backing of the Banksters or the military Industrial complex , so if your ignorant to real politics , you're lost .

Do you think it's just s coincidence that only pro war candidates win or ones willing to give big bailouts to bankers . The system is rigged fro mthe beginning and if you don't get the money from the bankers , you wont win and the only way is to sell out . GET IT .

As far as Cooper , I wouldn't trust him with a glass of water and the context is . . CNN used Military Psyop Interns from Ft. Benning , reported by Abe Vreis . So they are filled with direct connections to the Gov. / AEI or CIA .

Posted: Sep 24 2009, 8:09 PM

70117 Hello.

Posted: Sep 24 2009, 9:18 PM

6696 Once in the CIA always in the CIA. No wonder CNN reports only what the Government wants them to. One of their own is keeping an eye on things.

Posted: Mar 28 2010, 12:39 PM

207216 6696 is correct; once CIA always CIA - you don't "leave" the agency ever. How about CNN telling us about why it reported building 7's collapse almost an hour before it actually collapsed?

Posted: Mar 28 2010, 4:33 PM

206173 The CIA has been advertising on KSLX classic rock radio
in Phoenix, Arizona for careers in the "The Company"

Don't call US.....We'll Call YOU!

Now here's War, with Why can't we be friends......

Posted: Apr 27 2010, 7:53 PM

2467 Go to Wikipedia and check out other familiar names in Anderson Coopers family tree besides Vanderbilt.... Morgan, Waterhouse, Beckett, Churchill, Szechenyi, Not to mention having Dukes, Earls and Lords in the blood lines aswell

Posted: Jun 10 2010, 2:58 AM

117123 Who cares where he went to school. He is a class A Moron. Listening to him with his hysterical tirades on the Gulf Oil spill that he is so evidently using to increase his personal stock is disgusting. I can't stand to watch CNN anymore because it has become a Sensationalist Bimbo show. I mean, WTF cares about the opinion of a newscaster anyway, IT IS NOT THEIR JOB TO INTERPRET THE NEWS, JUST PRESENT IT. I prefer to draw my own conclusions.
Charlie Smith

Posted: Jul 07 2010, 1:38 PM

72207 We on the Gulf don't give a damn about Anderson Cooper's being gay (it's not new news) but we do love him as our best national spokesman on the spill (gusher). As for the CIA, wouldn't that give him more skills as an investigative reporter? I have considered myself somewhat of a Libertarian as the Dems and Repubs all disappoint me but find the Paul's (father and son) defense of BP most repugnant. They have screwed us royally: destroying our multi-billion dollar per year fishery; ruining our marshlands, which will lead to more and quicker erosion and land loss; piling lies on top of lies while minimizing their deadly effects; inserting their own employee of their PR firm into the Coast Guard; failing to act with any degree of immediacy; thumbing their noses at the EPA which I think the bought off; and destroying our culture by destroying our resources. Anyway, Anderson Cooper is my hero and that of most people under attack on the Gulf.

Posted: Jul 08 2010, 12:09 AM

72223 Blue Blood
Working for the Elite
Remain in the Elite!
Anderson Hays Cooper
Does not give a shit about you
He "does" give a shit about.......
His family and the New World Order!

Anderson Hays Cooper
is so full of shit
should be Brown!

Do not be fooled by these Straw Men!

They want it ALL,
and they want you Dead!
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