Stock Up NOW: Panic Buying May Be Just Around The Corner As Covid Cases Smash Through Records [UPDATE: Panic Already Spreading Among Libtards]

Chris Menahan
Dec. 31, 2021

The covid surge we appear to be facing could be so massive it may shut down the economy for weeks.

While Omicron is not particularly deadly and generally is just a bad cold, it's spreading at a truly unprecedented rate. The US reportedly just saw 1 million cases in the past two days, the highest spread ever recorded.

Tons of people like myself and most of my family who caught this bug have not gotten tested and will not get tested, so that number is undoubtedly already much higher.

When these cases start sweeping the country -- and they already are -- Walmart, Costco and other grocery stores are likely going to start getting overrun.

It appears we're actually already seeing it happen.

From The Gateway Pundit, "Omicron Surge: U.S. Tops One Million New COVID Cases in Just Two Days; Wave of Walmart Stores Closed for Deep Cleaning":
Wisconsin on Thursday: Walmart to temporarily close two Milwaukee stores to sanitize for COVID-19. The stores will reopen Saturday.

New Jersey on Thursday: 2nd NJ Walmart Abruptly Closes as State’s COVID Outbreak Worsens

Connecticut on Thursday: New Haven Walmart Closed for Cleaning, Stocking

Texas on Thursday: Dallas Walmart Temporarily Closing For Cleaning As New COVID Cases Surge

Louisiana on Thursday: Tchoupitoulas Walmart closing for deep cleaning due to COVID-19

Illinois on Wednesday: COVID Closes UChicago Ingalls-Flossmoor Urgent Aid, Olympia Fields Walmart

Florida on Wednesday: South Florida Walmart location temporarily closed for cleaning

Ohio on Wednesday: Ashtabula and Bainbridge Walmarts temporarily closing for cleaning

Ohio on Wednesday: Walmart in Aurora temporarily closing for cleaning

Last week in Heath, Ohio: Heath Walmart temporarily closes because of COVID
The last time I told people to go stock up was Feb 26, 2020, right before the big covid supply crunch.

I just put it all together after watching CDC director Rochelle Walensky talking about how they're cutting quarantine times in half just because.

It seems clear as day their modeling is telling them case counts are about to explode into the tens of millions and they don't want to have the shelves emptied out with no workers to stock them.

As we saw with the last panic, they can be induced just by everyone expecting everyone else to go crazy. If you act now, you can beat the crowds and if the crowds never come at least you'll have a stocked freezer. Prices are only going up, anyways.

UPDATE: Here's an example of the panic already setting in. This woman is a lunatic libtard sharing hysterical ramblings about mass death despite Omicron being a relatively mild virus researchers are struggling to distinguish from a cold. There was no surge in deaths in South Africa during their latest Omicron surge.

Here's a chart from South Africa showing how there was a massive surge for what looks like around 20 days or so before it died out.

I want to be clear that I don't think there's any reason to panic over this, I do think there's reason to stock up right now before other people's panic starts setting in.

P.S. It's not abnormal for hospitals to be jammed come winter. How many people remember hospitals being overwhelmed in 2018 due to a brutal flu season? Probably next to no one because the media didn't talk about it.

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