Antifa Protester Tells Police 'I Hope All Of Your Children Get Raped And Killed!'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 02, 2020

An Antifa protester on Sunday was filmed screaming at police that she hopes all of their children "get raped and killed."

Other Antifa were filmed having similar outbursts:

The incidents happened after police broke up their unlawful protest:

Those "suburban women" looking to vote Biden will no doubt love when scenes like this come to their neighborhoods:

These are who leftists and GOP hacks like Mitt Romney praise for fighting "racism and bigotry."

Drew Hernandez was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the violent protests.

"Let the world know, Tucker, Antifa is now on record, with video evidence, calling for the murder and rape of children," Hernandez said. "Let that be known, this is what we're voting against."

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