White Female BLM Protester to Cops: "If You Take That Badge Off, I'll Suck Your D**k"

Chris Menahan
Sep. 09, 2020

A vile White female Black Lives Matter protester in Los Angeles on Tuesday night was filmed telling police officers she'll fellate them if they take their badges off and quit their jobs.

"If you take that badge off, I'll suck your d**k," the protester said in video captured by investigative reporter Drew Hernandez. "Take that badge off, quit your job, I'll suck the f**k out of your d**k."

An Hispanic female protester with an oral fixation was filmed telling cops, "Eat a giant smoking f**king d**k... that has herpes... Stupid white b***h!"

Yet another protester told cops to "use a f**king donut as a flesh light!"

Protesters were filmed cursing cops throughout the day, one encouraged cops to shoot him with non-lethals because "melanin heals."

The protests were later declared an unlawful assembly.

The cops were not playing around:

Intrepid reporter Drew Hernandez said he took a non-lethal munition to the leg.

Cops were filmed "riding deep and laughing" at protesters:

It appears not one cop thought for even a second about taking off their badge!

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