Leftist Robert Reich Opposes Affordable Housing Development in His Neighborhood

Chris Menahan
Aug. 05, 2020

Former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is a champion of affordable housing -- just so long as it's not in his pricey Berkeley neighborhood.

He's currently being panned on Twitter for writing a letter to Berkeley officials asking them to block an affordable housing development (10 new homes with 1 being for low income) two doors down from his $1.6 million home where a rather dilapidated old home currently stands.

Reich is urging Berkeley officials to declare the house a historic "landmark."

"If historic preservation means anything, it means maintaining enough of the character of an older neighborhood to remind people of its history and provide continuity with the present," Reich wrote. "Development for the sake of development makes no sense when it imposes social costs like this."

"It's funny how Berkeley liberals argue passionately in favor of slowing the pace of demographic change in their own neighborhoods to preserve community, but screech 'Racist!' when ordinary Americans make directly analogous arguments about slowing immigration to preserve America," Steve Sailer commented.

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