Trump: Data Suggests U.S. 'Passed The Peak' of Coronavirus Outbreak; NY Padding Death Toll

Chris Menahan
Apr. 16, 2020

President Trump on Wednesday said data suggests the US has "passed the peak" of the coronavirus outbreak and accused New York of padding its numbers by adding over 3,700 presumed victims to their coronavirus death toll in one day.

From CNBC, "Trump says US has 'passed the peak' of coronavirus outbreak":
President Donald Trump said the U.S. has “passed the peak” of the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected more than 632,000 people in America.

“While we must remain vigilant, it is clear that our aggressive strategy is working,” Trump said at a White House news briefing with coronavirus task force on Wednesday. “The battle continues, but the data suggests that nationwide we have passed the peak on new cases.”

Trump said new cases are “declining” in New York, which has more confirmed cases than any country outside the U.S. He added that cases are “flat” in Denver and Detroit, while other cities including Baltimore and Philadelphia “are showing great signs of success.”

“Some states are looking at other states and they’re saying I can’t imagine what they’re going through because they’re not in that position. They’re in very good shape,” he said. “I would say that we have 20 states, at least, but you really have 29 that are in extremely good shape. You have others that are getting much better.”
From The New York Post, "Trump accuses NYC of padding its coronavirus death toll":
President Trump on Wednesday questioned Mayor Bill de Blasio’s revised coronavirus death toll — a day after New York City revised how it tracks fatalities by adding more than 3,700 victims who died of apparent coronavirus symptoms and were never tested.

“I see this morning where New York added 3,000 [sic] deaths because they died. Rather than [a] heart attack, they say heart attack caused by this,” he said during the daily briefing of the Coronavirus Task Force, referring to COVID-19.

Responding to a question about the staggering US death toll, which topped 27,000 Wednesday, the president suggested that the Big Apple added the new deaths to the tally “just in case” the victims had the virus.

“If you look at it, that is it. Everything we have is documented and reported great. What they are doing is just in case — that is OK. We have more cases because we do more reporting.”
There's been a lot of promising data suggesting the curve flattened but it's still up in the air whether it will spread again when the quarantines are lifted.

I don't know whether there was any foul play involved with New York boosting its death toll but it's certainly not very scientific. It should be noted the jump in some of the deaths charts out there should not be there as these 3,700 deaths occurred over around three weeks time.

As the full scale of the economic devastation becomes clear over the next few weeks and months there's no question politicians are going to be looking to portray themselves as saviors who shielded us from mass death as opposed to buffoons who downplayed the virus and encouraged its spread in the name of "fighting racism."

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