Trump Campaign Shelves 2020 Ad Blitz Touting Black Unemployment And Stock Market Due to Pandemic

Chris Menahan
Apr. 15, 2020

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale's strategy of touting black unemployment, the stock market and the evils of socialism is having to be thrown out the window now that unemployment is surging, the stock market plunged and the Trump administration is sending $1,200 checks to every American and bailing out Wall Street with trillions of dollars.

From Newsweek, "Trump Campaign Forced to Shelve 2020 Ad Blitz Touting Economy Because of Coronavirus Pandemic":
This Trump campaign ad is a throwback to a time that's hard to remember now. Entitled "The Fighter," it features African-American and Latino voters extolling the healthy U.S. economy created by Donald Trump. ''Look at our economy, look what he's done. How could you not support the president?" asks an African-American woman wearing a red MAGA hat.

The ad encapsulated what the Trump campaign strategy was going to do: emphasize low unemployment, rising wages and a strong stock market. It was also an effort to increase support for Trump among minority voters--a tack the campaign telegraphed in its Super Bowl ad touting criminal justice reform.
Team Trump believed a bump in the African-American vote from the eight per cent he got in 2016 to even the low teens in 2020 would turn what might otherwise be a close race into an electoral rout. The overall theme, campaign manager Brad Parscale said, was obvious for a president presiding over peace and prosperity: ''Nothing says 'winning' like President Donald Trump and his stellar record of accomplishment for all Americans."

But now, 2020 is the coronavirus election. How Trump handles the crisis--and how he is perceived to be handling the crisis--will likely determine whether he is re elected. Campaign manager Parscale says that $1 billion had been earmarked for broadcast and digital advertising this year. That number, campaign officials say, has not changed--a far cry from the shoestring operation of 2016.

What's changed almost overnight is the type of ads the campaign now plans to run. One has already been cut, titled "Commander in Chief," which portrays Trump as a wartime president providing what campaign spokesman Andrew Clark calls "calm, steady leadership at a time of crisis." It features black-and-white shots of Trump and his coronavirus task force advisers in the situation room as a voiceover praises his "decisive leadership." Another ad shows Joe Biden calling Trump's decision to ban travel to China, "xenophobic."

"That decision, experts say, saved thousands of American lives," the voiceover intones.
Neither has run yet. The president, since the start of his daily COVID-19 briefings, has seen his job approval ratings jump. A Gallup poll released March 24 showed 49 percent of those surveyed approve of Trump's overall performance, the highest rating of his presidency. Fully 60 percent said they approve of Trump's handling of the crisis. For now, Trump's daily coronavirus briefings are attracting a huge number of viewers: 12.2 million cable viewers watched on Monday March 23--a huge number for cable--while millions more watched on the major broadcast networks.
Imagine if Trump had been running on closing our borders this entire time and actually followed through by banning all flights from China back in January rather than deciding to keep the borders open to try and keep the stock market from tanking.

He would have taken a lot of heat at the time but now he'd be looking like a genius.

His entire campaign under Parscale's stewardship has just been Conservative, Inc. talking points about black unemployment and defending hamburgers from socialism.

That's all changed now due to this crisis and he's done a complete 180 and decided to embrace socialism to prop up the stock market and keep the economy from imploding.

That Trump's polls numbers appear to be going up despite Parscale's entire platform being trashed shows how out of touch and irrelevant it truly was.

Incidentally, I don't see any of the ConInc grifters like Charlie Kirk who've been railing against "socialism" over the past year complaining about it now!

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