CBS News Uses Footage From Italian Hospital While Describing Coronavirus Impact On NYC

Chris Menahan
Mar. 30, 2020

CBS News is being accused of using manipulative editing after airing footage from a struggling hospital in Italy in a piece discussing the threat of the coronavirus spreading in New York City.

Some are suggesting the out of context footage was aired to hype the threat of the coronavirus while others are saying it's just stock footage to show a worst case scenario.

The footage aired Wednesday on CBS This Morning:

"New York's Governor says FEMA gave the state 400 ventilators," CBS correspondent David Begnaud says as the footage is aired. "To that [Gov. Cuomo] said this: 'What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000? You pick the 26,000 who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators!'"

As The Gateway Pundit reports, the footage is an exact match of this piece from Italy that Sky News aired on March 22:

There's plenty of footage over the past few days showing hospitals in New York City with lots of coronavirus patients but it's not as dramatic because the patients are spread further apart and don't have the plastic bubbles on their heads (medical privacy laws also ensure everyone's faces are blurred out).

The incident is being compared by many to ABC News last year airing footage of a Kentucky gun range which they claimed was footage of "Turkey's military bombing Kurd civilians" after being "abandon[ed]" by President Trump.

At a time when the media is begging to be taken seriously, airing this footage out of context was probably not the best decision.

"CBS News Caught Using Footage" was one of the top trending topics on Twitter on Monday morning with a link to The Gateway Pundit's report.

Though the situation is clearly serious, it needs to be noted that Italy has had 10,779 deaths so far while New York has had 776.

That said, Italy's new coronavirus cases have been trending sideways over the past few days in the midst of an aggressive lockdown while New York's cases have been surging exponentially.

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