Michelle Wolf: Aborting My Baby Made Me Feel 'Powerful,' Like 'God'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 19, 2019

Comedian Michelle Wolf "joked" during her new Netflix special that killing her unborn child made her feel "very powerful" and like "God."

From NewsBusters:
“And a lot of people think that even if you’re allowed to get abortions, it should only be for a very few specific reasons. Well, I think you should be able to get an abortion for any reason you want.”

The audience applauded, of course, and Michelle responded by rebuking those people who think having an abortion is a “big deal,” or people who believe one should “take your time making the decision.” She declared, “It can be any deal you want it to be.” If it’s a big deal, “it’s a big deal. If it’s not, it’s not.” Sadly, more applause.

Wolf further tried to destigmatize the baby-killing, saying that her own abortion wasn’t a big deal for her and lamenting that women “feel like you should have this sense of shame after you get an abortion.” To that she claimed, “you can feel any way you want after an abortion. Get one! See how you feel.”

Teeing up the big line, however, Wolf asked, “You know how my abortion made me feel? Very powerful.” Still it wasn’t over: “You know how people say you can’t play God?” She followed it with a heavy cringe-inducing quip.

“I walked out of there being like, ‘Move over Morgan Freeman, I am God!’”
It's remarkable how Wolf joking about killing her baby is perfectly politically correct but jokes which were no big deal a few years ago poking fun at "protected groups" are now considered beyond the pale.

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