Left-Wing Activist Judith Browne Dianis: 'We Plan to Make Demographics Destiny So Watch Your A--!'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 07, 2019

Civil rights lawyer and racial justice advocate Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of the George Soros-funded Advancement Project, is counting down the days until white people become a minority and is telling congress to "watch your a--!"

Video went viral of Dianis at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights earlier this week hailing a future when whites become a minority in America.

"When we get to 2042 or 2045, whatever you wanna use, we actually will not be suffering from what other countries like South Africa have which is having the numbers but not having the power," Dianis said. "People say that demographics aren't destiny, well we are trying to make it destiny."

"Amen!" responded former Obama administration official Stephanie Valencia.

The clip is taken from here:

[Embed starts at 1:21:55]

Dianis said similar in a more ominous tweet in 2017, writing: "Members of Congress better check the demographic trends. We plan to make demographics destiny so watch your a--! #DefendDACA #HereToStay"

Dianis seamlessly conflates white people being a demographic majority with "white supremacy" and appears to believe racial dynamics couldn't get any worse and haven't improved for "hundreds of years."

Dianis, like many in the Democratic Party, appears to view politics only in racial terms.

Earlier this year, Dianis said Republican attempts "to maintain conservative white political power" by asking about citizenship status on the census for use in redistricting was an effort to "steal democracy":

When Republicans attempt to use demographics to their advantage it's "stealing democracy" but when Democrats do the same (more effectively) it's peak democracy and racial justice!

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