HATE HOAX: Gay Activist Confessed to Spray-Painting Anti-Gay Slur, 'Heil Trump,' Swastika On LGBT Church

Chris Menahan
Dec. 06, 2019

You'll never guess the "unlikely" suspect who confessed to being behind anti-gay, pro-Trump, Nazi graffiti spray-painted on a far-left church in Indiana in the wake of Trump's election!

The investigation actually uncovered the most likely suspect...

Nathan Stang, who was a member of the church, confessed to being behind the graffiti while being secretly filmed.

Of course, the Washington Post said the real victims are not the white folks falsely blamed for this hate hoax and many others but the "victims of real hate crimes" who Stang damaged by "handing a talking point to those seeking to delegitimize them."

Here's how CNN reported on case in Nov 2016:

The church's SJW reverend said she was "excited" by the graffiti and decided to leave it up to make an "event" out of taking it down with members of the community.

CNN painted the case as part of the supposed epidemic of "hate crimes" after Trump's election (which is a hoax in itself).

The only epidemic we've seen since Trump's election is the epidemic of staged hate hoaxes which are ultimately a form of blood libel to smear all white people.

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