Report: 'Mr. Trump Sent Word to Mr. Sessions Through Allies That He Would Publicly Attack Him If He Ran'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 07, 2019

President Donald Trump has threatened to publicly attack Jeff Sessions if he runs for Senate in Alabama, according to a report from the New York Times.

Claire Austin, a Montgomery lobbyist who was communications director for Sessions when he was Alabama’s attorney general and was deputy campaign director on his first Senate campaign in 1996, said Wednesday she’s expecting her former boss to end months of speculation and qualify for the March 3 Republican primary. Friday is the deadline to enter the race.

A New York Times report said if Sessions did enter, he may be verbally attacked by President Donald Trump.

“Mr. Trump sent word to Mr. Sessions through allies that he would publicly attack him if he ran. And (Mitch) McConnell recently approached Mr. Trump, asking him whether his feelings about Mr. Sessions might have improved. The president said he was very much still opposed to Mr. Sessions and would make that clear if he had to, according to a person briefed on the discussions,” the report said.

[...] Trump was reported to have called Sessions an “idiot” and a “dumb Southerner” over the decision, and Sessions ultimately resigned at Trump’s request last year.
As a reminder, Trump endorsed Luther Strange who worked for members of the Oxycontin dealing Sackler family over Mo Brooks and that helped lead to Roy Moore's primary win and eventual loss.

Trump has also endorsed outright traitors who hate his guts and vote against him constantly like Turncoat Thom Tillis.

While Sessions should not have recused himself from the Russia hoax he was one of the only people in Trump's cabinet who actually followed through on Trump's campaign promises.

Among other hardline policies, Sessions instituted family separation as a deterrent to protect our borders and Trump caved and canceled it allegedly after Ivanka cried about it and he got bad press from the fake news media.

That decision led to our border being overrun with record amounts of illegal aliens, most of whom grabbed random children to bring across the border with them so they could claim to be a "family."

If Trump foolishly goes to war with Sessions over some petty squabble I'll be gladly supporting Sessions.

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