Report: White House And State Dept Officials Sought to Block Trump-Orban Meeting Over Fears They'd 'Get Along'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 23, 2019

White House and State Department officials reportedly sought to block President Trump from visiting with nationalist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban because they feared they "would bond and get along."

From the Washington Post:
White House and State Department officials had sought to block an Orban visit since the start of Trump’s presidency [...]

“Basically, everyone agreed — no Orban meeting,” said a former White House official involved in internal discussions. “We were against it because [we] knew there was a good chance that Trump and Orban would bond and get along.”
The horror.
The effort to keep distance between Trump and Orban began to fray earlier this year with the departures of senior officials and the emergence of new voices around the president. Among the most important was Mulvaney, who became acting chief of staff in January and was seen as sympathetic to Orban’s hard-right views and skepticism of European institutions. In Congress, Mulvaney’s former Freedom Caucus colleagues last year backed Orban’s efforts to kill a small U.S. grant designed to nurture independent media outlets in Hungary.
"Nurturing independent media outlets" means funding far-left propaganda outlets pushing prog-globalism and child drag queens.
Mulvaney’s involvement in approving the Orban visit was one of several instances in which he overruled national security officials, officials said. At the same time, Mulvaney also facilitated an arrangement in which Trump directed other diplomats, including the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, to work with Giuliani on his Ukraine agenda.
Even though Trump was elected on a nationalist platform which called for making peace with Russia and countries like Hungary, our shadow government couldn't allow it to happen.

That's why they manufactured the whole "Russian collusion" hoax.

That hoax fell apart after Robert Mueller decided against framing Trump and now they're shifted to "Ukrainian collusion" after spying on Trump's phone calls and hearing he was taking steps to get to the bottom of their witch hunt.

US-Russia relations are now as bad as ever and the snakes and swamp-creatures Trump surrounded himself with are making their move to have him ousted from office so we can go back to business as usual under our Epstein-compromised-and-controlled criminal government.

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