Romney: Trump Abandoning Kurds Will Be Remembered As A 'Blood Stain In The Annals Of American History'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 18, 2019

In reality, this story will have been forgotten by next week.

From The Daily Mail:
Utah Senator Mitt Romney denounced the Trump administration's sudden withdrawal from Syria and called its impact on Kurdish allies a 'blood stain' on American honor.

Romney, who has also called initial reports of Trump's pressure on Ukraine 'wrong and appalling,' made his comments in a stern speech delivered from the floor of the Senate.

He acknowledged what Vice President Pence called a new five-day cease fire following his meeting with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, then said: 'I hope the agreement is honored.'

Romney asked 'why these terms and assurances were not negotiated before the president consented to withdraw our troops.'

'The cease-fire does not change the fact that America has abandoned an ally, adding insult to dishonor,' he intoned.

He spoke of the suffering being endured by Kurdish allies who fought alongside U.S. troops to battle ISIS, and noted that 'Russia has assumed control of our previous military positions' and that the U.S. had even been forced to bomb some of the nation's own facilities amid the hasty retreat.

His words were in marked contrast to the president's, as Trump called the ceasefire a 'great day for civilization' and called it an 'incredible outcome.'

'The decision to abandon the Kurds violates one of our most sacred duties. It strikes at American honor. What we have done to the Kurds will stand as a blood stain in the annals of American history,' said Romney.
This guy nailed it:

What our sold-out congress have done to Middle America will stand as a blood stain in the annals of American history (if America even survives as a country after all they've damage they've done).

What neocon traitors did to con us into war after war in the Middle East will never be forgotten -- Trump "abandoning the Kurds" won't even be a footnote.

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