World Health Org Claims Microplastics in Drinking Water 'Don't Appear to Pose Health Risk'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 23, 2019

Bottoms up!

From CNN:
They may be in our oceans, rivers and ice but there's little evidence to suggest that microplastics in the water we drink pose a risk to our health.

In its first review on the health risks of plastic in tap and bottled water, the World Health Organization said that microplastics "don't appear to pose a health risk at current levels," but the key finding came with a big caveat -- the review said available information was limited and more research was needed on microplastics and how they affect human health.

"We urgently need to know more about the health impact of microplastics because they are everywhere -- including in our drinking water," said Dr. Maria Neira, director of the Department of Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health at WHO.

WHO said it did not recommend routine monitoring of microplastics in drinking water and said that concerns over microplastics should not distract water suppliers and regulators from removing microbial pathogens, such as those causing deadly diarrheal diseases.
Nothing to worry about, folks!

It's reportedly raining plastics in the Rocky Mountains, but that's nothing to make a fuss over!

A study in 2017 found "up to 95 percent of river-borne plastic polluting the world's oceans pours in from just ten rivers" -- 8 in Asia and 2 in Africa -- the Daily Mail reported.

Microplastics are also being recklessly put in a wide-range of female vanity products:

Nonetheless, as our ruling oligarchs insist, it's Western women having babies that's destroying the planet!

Drink your fluoride, take your damn vaccines, eat bugs and chug down those microplastics!

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