President Trump: Al Sharpton 'Hates Whites'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 29, 2019

Okay, this is epic.

The media is very angry that President Trump mentioned whites as a group.

I think this is the first time President Trump has ever explicitly referenced "whites" as a group. He also acknowledged whites as a group are subject to anti-white racism and hated for being white.

A poll from NPR in 2017 found that 55 percent of white Americans "believe there is discrimination against whites in America today."

Another poll from PRRI in 2018 found half of young white males believe "believe efforts to increase diversity almost always come at the expense of whites."

Despite being subject to endless accusations of "racism," a Pew Research poll in April 2019 found whites were least likely to view race as "central to their identity."

Polls have shown Trump is hemorrhaging white support since doing nothing to address immigration (which is currently Americans' number one issue), passing Kushner-Koch criminal justice reform and embracing the Republican establishment's agenda of tax cuts for Corporate America.

While Trump's advisers have pushed him to run against "socialism," he seems to understand the only way to fight against the Democrats' explicitly anti-white politics is with white affirming politics.

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