Hollywood Propaganda Just Ain't What It Used To Be...

Chris Menahan
May. 29, 2019

USA Today last week shared an "exclusive extended scene" from Captain Marvel showing "Space warrior Carol Danvers" (Brie Larson) beating up some guy and robbing him for offering her a ride and recommending she smile more.


Just to run down what occurred there:

- A man offered "Danvers" a ride and recommended she smile more while hitting on her.

- Rather than say no, Danvers ran with it, gave the man her hand, then threatened to crush it if he refused to go along with her strong-armed robbery (all while she spoke with heavy vocal fry).

- Danvers then made fun of the man she just robbed, stole clothes off a mannequin from a random storefront and drove off on a motorcycle directly into oncoming traffic.

Leftoids on Twitter actually defended the scene by saying it was a homage to this scene from Terminator 2:

Contrasting the two scenes only makes the former even more embarrassing.

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