As Trump Channels Charlie Kirk's Reagan-Boomerism, Bernie Sanders Channels 2016 Campaign Trump

Chris Menahan
Apr. 30, 2019

While President Donald Trump is busy channeling Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk and his stale Reagan-boomerism whining about "socialism," Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is channeling 2016 "Campaign Trump" and talking about our "rigged" system screwing over working people.

So far, there's no indication Trump's whining about "socialism" (which we already have, depending on your definition) is resonating with voters.

On the flip side, I actually thought this tweet from Bernie Sanders was fake when I first saw it because it was so damn spicy:

That is really, really good rhetoric. It's both biting and true.

Contrast Sanders' tweet with Joe Biden's comments in January 2018 saying he has "no sympathy" for us millennials because we have the wonders of feminism, civil rights and prog-globalism:

Here's some more solid tweets from Sanders' Twitter feed (some are retweets):

Those are pretty much all positions Trump ran on but failed to deliver on because he let Jared Kushner and Goldman Sachs run his administration.

Watch this slick propaganda:

Unlike Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who opened his campaign with some bizarre anti-white screed, Sanders appears to be making a solid effort to campaign for the white rural vote.

Sanders also recently went back to his previous position against open borders:

With Trump throwing the border wide open by signing the horrendous, bipartisan open borders bill the House and Senate passed in February and saying he wants more legal immigration than "ever," Ann Coulter has correctly been saying Bernie Sanders could defeat Trump if he embraced his old restrictionist policies on immigration:

Meanwhile, Trump seems to spend most of his time these days whining about AOC and Ilhan Omar's "socialism" and "antisemitism."

Does anyone think that's going to get the vote out in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin?

He's also trying to claim the economy is "the best it has ever been" -- which everyone knows is total nonsense as Bernie Sanders' tweet about colleges and housing prices makes abundantly clear.

He made the decision to prop up the bubble the Federal Reserve had going and tie himself to it but it could easily be brought down by the Fed intentionally jacking up interest rates before the election.

You can see from the Fed's effective federal funds rate chart that they drove rates down to zero at the start of Obama's term but then started jacking them up immediately after Trump won his election.

While there's no question Trump's economic policies have helped prop up the economy and are boosting profits and wages in the short-term, the fundamental transformation of our economy Trump promised has largely been replaced by the GOP establishment's tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires (and worst of all, trillion dollar megacorporations who hate us "deplorables" that helped Trump get elected and are doing everything in their power to suppress, censor and silence us). His administration is also handing out tons of H-2B and H-1B visas and ensuring a massive flow of illegal immigration to aid the GOP's corporate donors.

If Trump keeps failing to fulfill his campaign promises, the only question becomes whether Democrats will just go so bat-s**t crazy with their agenda of reparations, letting prisoners vote and so on.

While Bernie Sanders has backed the lunacy of letting prisoners vote, he said he doesn't favor reparations and seems to be pivoting back to sanity on immigration. Some lunacy is to be expected as you're required to embrace anti-white racial politics to win the Democratic primary.

Contrary to the media's propaganda and fake polls, I think Bernie Sanders is the odds favorite to win the Democratic nomination and if he changes his tune on immigration and keeps railing against our rigged system I think there's no question he could win the presidency.

All that said, it seems like our country is run by an unelected cabal of deep state agents who know how to ensure business as usual continues no matter who gets in.

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