Tucker Points Out Trump Is Doing The Opposite Of What He Ran On

Chris Menahan
Apr. 05, 2019

On his show Thursday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson posed the question, "What if Trump doesn't want to be re-elected?"

He then listed off multiple steps the president would take to sabotage his own re-election.

From The Daily Caller:
“Let’s see, he might start by proposing more than half a billion dollars in Medicare cuts. That’s something that nobody outside the libertarian symposia circuit really wants to see. Then he’d slash funding for the E-Verify program that would allow companies to keep hiring illegal alien labor in violation of a key campaign promise,” Carlson said, referring to a series of ideas people in Trump’s world floated recently.

Carlson also suggested Trump could “release a bunch of drug dealers back onto the streets” in the middle of the drug epidemic, and continue military intervention in Syria.
Trump’s 2020 budget proposal suggested cuts to governmental programs. In particular, the president is seeking a roughly $1.9 trillion cut to programs, including major cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

He added: “You’d raise gas taxes. In fact, the administration is proposing just that. According to news reports, the White House is negotiating with Democrats to hike taxes on gasoline in order to fund ‘infrastructure.’ This is one of those ideas that everyone in Washington loves. It costs them nothing … If you live outside the coastal cities and you’re not rich, higher gas prices are a disaster.”

Trump supported a 25-cent-per-gallon hike in the gas tax, media reports from 2018 show. Trump also said he was “open to other ways” to pay for a major infrastructure build-out. Republican lawmakers generally oppose gas tax hike proposals, with some saying it would punish Americans’ pocketbooks. A 25-cent gas tax hike would increase the tax from 18.3 cents to 43.3 cents per gallon.
The caveat, of course, is that Trump is doing everything on the list.

It's all quite frustrating, especially considering Trump keeps saying he wants to address many of these issues only to not follow through on anything (or do the opposite).

Just this week, he threatened to close the border with Mexico only to cave immediately.

All he needs to do is tell Jared Kushner to take a hike and appoint competent people who actually support the agenda he ran on but apparently that's asking too much.

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