Google Bans App For 'Promoting Conversion Therapy'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 29, 2019

Google's social engineers decided to ban an app from the Play Store because they claim it promotes "conversion therapy," though the makers of the app say that's false.

From The Hill:
Googleannounced it would remove an app that promoted conversion therapy from its Play Store after receiving pushback from an LGBT advocacy group.

A company spokesperson told The Hill in a statement that it had removed the app for Living Hope Ministrieswhich promotes "committed, monogamous, heterosexual" relationships and says "anything less than this ideal falls short of God's view for humanity."

"After consulting with outside advocacy groups, reviewing our policies, and making sure we had a thorough understanding of the app and its relation to conversion therapy, we've decided to remove it from the Play Store, consistent with other app stores," the Google spokesperson said.
After their app was banned from Tim Cook's App Store, Living Hope Ministries shared a letter on their website from a member of their organization which said the app does not "offer, promote, or recommend conversion therapy or anything of that sort" but rather preaches "God's forgiveness, grace, and redemption through the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

The app was also banned from Microsoft's and Amazon's app stores.

Regardless of whether the app did promote "conversion therapy," why should tech oligarchs be allowed to prevent people from seeking out "conversion therapy" if that's what they want?

These same social engineers actively push transgenderism and encourage impressionable young children to take hormone blockers. They're making it so they're allowed to push this propaganda but you're not allowed to counter it.

A tiny group of monopolist tech oligarchs control almost all access to information on the internet and now they're trying to ban preaching Christianity and ban entire ideologies under the guise of fighting vaguely defined "hate."

Just a few months ago, there were calls for trigger warnings be placed on the Bible:

At the rate we're going, it won't be long until preaching the bible is outlawed.

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