'They Fear A Movement That's Growing': Tommy Robinson On Being Banned From Facebook, Instagram & Amazon

Chris Menahan
Mar. 01, 2019

British activist Tommy Robinson spoke out on Thursday after being banned from Facebook and Instagram and having his book criticizing Islam banned from Amazon.

"We knew it was coming," Robinson said. "The whole world now has seen within 24 hours of us releasing Panodrama online. Panodrama, a documentary that categorically proved -- with evidence -- the establishment, working with the media, working with far-left George Soros funded organizations to destroy the people speaking against them. The proof and evidence was there."

"Within 24 hours we had one and a half million online views. By now that would have been 10 million -- and within 24 hours I am completely deleted from the Internet!

"The censorship is real!" Robinson said. "We've got them rattled!"

"They fear us! They genuinely fear it! They fear a movement that's growing!" he said.

"The message is simple: When they raided my house three times in the first six months in the English Defense League, they thought that would stop me.

"It didn't."

"When they put me in prison and locked me in a room and had me nearly beaten to death they thought that would stop me."

It didn't.

When they took away my Twitter they thought it would stop me."

He went on to say everything the establishment has thrown at him -- from raiding his house repeatedly to throwing him in prison has failed to stop him and said he's currently "looking at the possibility of a of a massive demonstration in London against the censorship with figures coming over from America."

"People have been censored everywhere," Robinson said. "This isn't about Tommy Robinson, this is about anyone who opposes mass mass migration, anyone who speaks out about Islam is being censored across the world -- it goes against the globalist agenda!"

Robinson encouraged people to sign up at his website TR.news to get on his email list and help him fight back against the censorship.

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