Louis CK Run Through The Wringer For Joking About Non-Binary Pronouns, Parkland Survivors

Chris Menahan
Dec. 31, 2018

Louis CK is being given "the treatment" once again for making some jokes which offended the Twitterati.

"Louis CK" was the top "trending" topic late Sunday night/early Monday on Twitter.

The responses were what you'd expect:

Here's the bit everyone is whining about:

The crowd certainly seemed to enjoy it. The first part reminded me of this cringe tweet from Christina Hoff Sommers earlier this year:

"Sex, drugs and rock & roll" were all pushed on boomers from the top down. "Rebelling" at the time was living an honest life and fighting against the communist subversives overthrowing our society.

Regardless, CK said during his routine his career is already over so he doesn't give a damn how people respond:

This all comes on the heels of another older tape surfacing of him using the n-word in some jokes:

As a reminder, Louis CK endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 because he said we need a "mom" who will "feed" us, "teach" us, and "protect" us.

He also wrote a letter in 2016 saying Trump "is Hitler."

A few years ago he also said, without much controvery and no damage done to his career, that mother-of-five Sarah Palin was a "f**king retard making c*nt."

His career was crushed earlier this year after it came out he masturbated in front of several women after asking for their explicit permission to do so, which was said to be exploiting "power dynamics."

What's really hilarious is how CK, who libs said just a year or so ago was literally the funniest comedian of all time and a truth-telling sage, is now in their eyes the personification of evil and to be universally scorned.

It's funny how that works.

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