The Guardian Caught Stealth Editing 'Bombshell' Report On Alleged Assange-Manafort Meeting

Chris Menahan
Nov. 27, 2018

The Guardian was caught stealth editing their "bombshell" report alleging multiple "secret meetings" occurred between Paul Manafort and Julian Assange after both parties categorically denied it ever happened.

Wikileaks caught the stealth edits and showed them in a series of posts, the results of which you can see below (click to expand):

They made another change as well further down in the report:

Not only did they try to run away from their own reporting but they changed the number of supposed "sources" from "two" to potentially anything. They did not include any note at the bottom or the top of the article noting the changes.

Wikileaks asked if The Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner will resign over the "100% fake," "completely fabricated" story:

Assange legal rep Hanna Jonasson noted how the story was dropped just hours before a hearing was held in the Eastern District of Virginia where a judge was reportedly deciding whether to unseal the US government's alleged charges against Assange (no decision was reached):

Journalist Mark Ames said on Twitter that Guardian writer Luke Harding was caught plagiarizing his and others work in the past and it "had zero effect on his career advancement":

UPDATE: Julian Assange has ordered Wikileaks to sue The Guardian for libel:

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