CHIPOTLE CAVES: Fired St. Paul Restaurant Manager Officially Offered Her Job Back

Chris Menahan
Nov. 20, 2018

Chipotle issued an apology on Monday to the innocent manager they fired on behalf of social justice/racial grievance activists and officially offered her her job back.

On Friday, Masud Ali, 21, shared video on Twitter which went mega-viral of himself and his friends crying racism after being refused service at a Chipotle in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The manager, who goes by Dominique, was as nice as it gets but simply told them they had to pay up front as they allegedly were not able to pay just two days earlier.

Ali's Twitter history was filled with him and his friends bragging about doing dine and dashes in the past and he allegedly has a long criminal history.

His tweets suggest he pulled the same scam with Qdoba:

A person named "Masud Omar Ali" in St. Paul, Minnesota was booked for felony theft in 2015:

It's still not entirely clear whether those are the same two people, though the age matches up as well as the hair and eyebrows and The Daily Caller reports that Ali "was convicted of theft in January and previously pleaded guilty to another theft charge."

Chipotle's statement issued on Monday reads in full:
We have spent the last few days reviewing the evidence available to us regarding the incident in St. Paul, MN. Based on our review, we have offered our manager her job back. While our normal protocol was not followed serving these customers, we publicly apologize to our manager for being put in this position. We will work to continue to ensure that we support a respectful workplace for our employees and our customers alike.

Our policy is to treat our customers and employees fairly and with respect at all times and under any circumstances. We will work with all our restaurant teams to ensure they are prepared to handle situations of this kind and know they have our full support. We are committed to doing the right thing and acting in a manner consistent with a thoughtful, fact-driven approach.
Chipotle said on day one they knew all about his tweets but chose to fire her anyways.

Dominique wrote Monday on Twitter: "Racism is a real issue that I do not take lightly. Racism must be addressed, but what happened here was just wrong. Falsely accused and in return, cut off from a goal that I worked hard for. Today, I was 'officially' offered my job back. I’m truly grateful for all the support."

She tweeted and deleted a message on Sunday saying she was offered her job back at the time, but Chipotle denied having done so and said they were still "investigating."

Notably, Dominique did not say she accepted their offer, and hundreds of people on Twitter are encouraging her to file a lawsuit against them to extract a settlement.

While I would, under normal circumstances, oppose such a suit, in this case Chipotle effectively signed on to this witch hunt and social/racial justice crusade by firing her knowing full well these teens are a bunch of scam artists.

Considering the totality of the situation, I encourage Dominique to sue them for everything they've got and I wish her the best of luck.

Any company which goes along with these modern day witch hunts deserves to face the full consequences of their actions. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

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