Chipotle Fires St. Paul Restaurant Manager For Refusing to Serve Alleged Dine And Dashers

Chris Menahan
Nov. 18, 2018

Chipotle fired a manager this week after video went viral of her refusing to serve a group of Somali teens who allegedly refused to pay for their meal just two days before and bragged about doing dine and dashes on social media.

As usual, the media failed to do any rudimentary investigation into the case and ran with it as a story of horrible, oppressive "racism."

[UPDATE: Chipotle "rethinking" decision to fire...]

From Star Tribune:
A manager at a St. Paul Chipotle was fired this week after a video went viral of employees refusing to serve five black men and asking them to prove they could pay before taking their order.

Masud Ali, 21, said he and friends were told they couldn’t be served Thursday night at the eatery on Grand Avenue and were accused of being customers from an earlier night who weren’t able to pay for their meal.

“It sounded really racist — the way she said it was racist,” Ali said Friday. “She asked for proof of income as if I’m getting a loan.”

In a statement, Chipotle said it conducted a “thorough investigation,” and talked with police officers who were called to the restaurant, as well as employees.

“Regarding what happened at the St. Paul restaurant, the manager thought these gentlemen were the same customers from Tuesday night who weren’t able to pay for their meal. Regardless, this is not how we treat our customers and as a result, the manager has been terminated and the restaurant [staff] has been retrained to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again,” the statement said.
Here's the video:

Here's Ali and his friends bragging about doing dine and dashes specifically at Chipotle all over Twitter:

His tweets suggest he pulled the same scam with Qdoba:

Note, they appear to have been engaging in this criminal behavior for over two years now.

A person named "Masud Omar Ali" in St. Paul, Minnesota was booked for felony theft in 2015:

It's not entirely clear yet whether those are the same two people, though the age matches up as well as the hair and eyebrows.

Someone with the same name also has a rich criminal history:

Tons of people called these scammers out and slammed Chipotle for instantaneously caving:

After their tweets bragging about doing dine and dashes were revealed, Chipotle still stood by the firing, as Bring Me The News reports:
On Saturday afternoon, Bring Me The News was again contacted by Chipotle, which directed us to a number of past tweets made by Masud Ali, in which he refers on more than one occasion to carrying out a "dine and dash."

The tweets date back to 2015 and early 2016, and there are no recent examples referring to the practice.

Chipotle told BMTN that it had not changed its position as a result of the tweets.
Somali activists have been repeatedly caught pulling off the exact same scam.

As MaineFirstMedia reported just last month, another Somali social justice agitator known for going around trolling businesses made headlines for supposedly being "victimized" by a worker at Dunkin' Donuts. As usual, the media did zero research into her background and just ran with it as fact.

If this story wasn't bad enough, a transgender activist who goes by the name "VERSente Fernández" doxed his own cousin as the employee for social media points (he got 40,000 as a reward):

In case you're wondering, the dox checks out.

Do Americans realize that this is the world the modern left has created?

A new person is destroyed by Twitter racial/social justice lynch mobs nearly every day now by agitators seeking out racial conflict so they can post out of context videos for social media fame -- and it's all being done with the full support of Big Tech and the fake news media.

Do Americans realize this is only going to get worse?

UPDATE: Dominique said on Twitter Sunday night that Chipotle offered her her job back but Chipotle told Fox News shortly after they're currently "rethinking" their decision to fire her.

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