WATCH: Italy's Youth Give Matteo Salvini A Rock Star Welcome

Chris Menahan
Nov. 12, 2018

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, known for putting "Italy First" and getting elected on a platform of deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants, is being treated like a rock star in Rome by Italy's youth.

"Receiving this welcome from an auditorium with 1,200 students from the schools of Rome excited and moved me," Matteo Salvini said on Twitter, as translated by Bing. "Thank you. ❤️ in my small, I put it all to leave to my children and all these boys a country safer, fairer, freer: we owe you."

A poll in July found Salvini is the most popular politician in all of Italy.

Contrast patriotic nationalist Matteo Salvini, whom the media hates but is loved by his own people, with cosmopolitan globalist Emmanuel Macron, whom the media loves but is hated by his own people.

Watching how the media praised Macron's recent speech denouncing nationalism was rather funny considering the fake news in America has for weeks been saying Trump should say "patriotism" instead of "nationalism" because they're the "same" but the former doesn't have as much "negative connotations."

Macron said the two are polar opposites but the fake news just ran with it anyways.

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