Trump: "The Word 'Racist' Is Used About Every Republican That's Winning"

Chris Menahan
Nov. 01, 2018

President Trump said Wednesday that Democrats take out the "'R' word" any time a Republican is leading in the polls.

Asked what he would say to people about critics who label him as "anti-Semitic" and "racist," Trump told CBN News: "Well you know the word 'racist' is used about every Republican that's winning."

"Any time a Republican is leading they take out the 'R' word, the 'racist' word," Trump said. "And I'm not anti-immigrant at all. I'm all for people coming into the country legally and people based on merit, but when you see a caravan that's pouring up to our country with thousands of people..."

"Look, we're not going to let them come into our country. We have ten and we might even go up to 15,000 soldiers on our border. We are building a wall in its own way. We're putting up walls and barbed wire and when you look at what we're doing, they're just not coming into our country. They might as well go back down. But take a look at the violence that they've created down there, that level of, I mean these are not, these are not angels as you would say, these are not angels."

President Trump also said he thinks the "Blue Wave" is dead:
"Well I think the blue wave is dead, frankly. And I think we're doing very well. It looks like we're going to win the Senate which is very important," President Trump said.

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has already been spiking the football saying, "We will win. We will win."

Trump's reply? "Well I haven't seen her comments. I know that, look, she's been losing for a long time, so you know, she would like to win," he said. "She hasn't been doing too well. We'll see what happens. I think we're going to do very well in the House also."
Make sure to get out and vote Republican down the line! We have to fight back agianst this far-left insanity now because it's only going to get worse.

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