'Act Like A Lady': Lib Journo Arrested After Taking Pics Of Naked Black Man Detained By Police

Chris Menahan
Aug. 31, 2018

A "journalist" named Susan Greene was arrested after taking out her phone to snap pictures of a naked African-American man being arrested while sitting on a sidewalk in Denver, Colorado.

The incident occurred on July 5, but bodycam footage was just released on Wednesday.

The video shows police telling Greene it's a HIPAA privacy violation to take photographs of the man, but Greene insists it's her "First Amendment" right to photograph the naked man.

After police told Greene to leave, she fought a bit with the cops and was temporarily detained.

Greene's now trying to act like this was a horrible case of police abuse.

Here's how it was reported in The Independent:
Bodycam footage released on 29 August shows the moment Susan Greene, editor of The Colorado Independent, was detained for 'interfering' as officers tended to a man sitting on the pavement naked except for a white sheet.

It captures the reporter being singled out by two male police officers who tower over her as they order her to stop trying to record on her mobile phone as the situation unfolds on a street near the Colorado State Capitol on the afternoon of 5 July.

She is blocked by one officer who informs her that she cannot record the scene because it violates the man's HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rights, which outlines an individual's rights to medical privacy.

When Ms Greene defends her First Amendment right, he advises that it "doesn't supersede HIPAA".

After she moves her camera's focus to the officer's badge, she is handcuffed and told by another officer to "stand up" straight and "act like a lady".

"Are you f***ing kidding me?" Ms Greene responds. "Act like a lady?"
Yeah, that part was really funny.

You can see one of the lewd pictures Greene took in her write-up on the incident at the Colorado Independent.

Was this a case of police abuse, or a case of police doing the right thing and protecting this man's privacy from a nosy journalist?

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