Judges Revive Catch-And-Release For Migrants With Children

Jul. 13, 2018

Administration officials are releasing thousands of migrants with young children into the United States, as required by judges, marking the return of catch-and-release policies for migrants with children.

Migrants with children are being released with ankle monitors so they can be tracked by border officials.

Officials admitted that the ankle-monitors do little to help enforcement officers find and repatriate the vast majority of the migrants who lose their asylum pleas, and that a large percentage of the first set of migrantsŐ children are not being reunified by their parents because of concerns about criminal activity. Also, some of those released parents reportedly prefer to leave their children with relatives in the United States to use schools and gain residency.

The initial wave of judge-ordered releases covers the migrants who brought 103 children younger than five. Of the 103, some 57 have been released and reunified with their children pending court hearings on the parentsŐ claims for asylum. However, 46 of the young children have not been returned to parents for a variety of reasons, including pending charges against their parents.

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