ABC Interviews Mexican Heroin Cartel Workers, Finds Many Were Deported From U.S. And Want Back In

Chris Menahan
May. 20, 2018

They'll do the drug cartel jobs Americans won't.

From ABC News:
Up a dusty road, in a sun-dappled field in northwest Mexico, a small team of workers bent over, quietly tending to the crops on a farm.

But hidden in between the legal crops of corn and garbanzo beans are fields of pretty purple flowers that have become the root of an American catastrophe.

They are poppies -- parts of which are used as raw material for heroin. The workers, some of them armed, use sawed-off deodorant cans to collect the gum from the poppy buds. They say each can they fill can fetch $200.

The woman who owns the farm said she is a grandmother who was deported from Los Angeles five years ago and is in the process of petitioning to return to the United States.

“When I do this one [farm poppies] I feel very bad, I feel dirty,” she said. “But I need money. What could I do?”

To make money, she said she's an Uber driver who harvests poppies on the side.

“I need the money,” she said. “I have a lot of payments... I am a driver [for Uber]... but that is not enough.”
If there's one thing we need in America, it's grandmothers who work for heroin manufactures to help with our shortage of Uber drivers.

Other cartel members similarly said they were previously deported:

While many said they had misgivings about working in the heroin trade, they all said they just want the money.

ABC News, as usual, said Americans were actually to blame for these Mexican cartels' actions because of our "seemingly bottomless demand for drugs."

I'm sure if Americans were flooding Mexico with deadly fentanyl and heroin they'd similarly say the Mexicans were to blame for taking the drugs we manufactured and illegally smuggled into their country.

Last year, Mexico's former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jorge Castañeda Gutman suggested Mexico should stop "cooperating" with the US on fighting to keep their drugs out of America because Donald Trump is ending our two countries "friendly relationship."

Seeing as how deaths from fentanyl and heroin have skyrocketed, it appears the Mexican government has been following Gutman's plan.

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