Limbaugh: Departed WH Aide Rob Porter Withheld Infowars, Breitbart Articles From Trump

Dan Lyman
Feb. 09, 2018

Former White House aide Rob Porter, who recently resigned amidst controversy regarding alleged spousal abuse, played a key role in the suppression of information to President Trump namely, articles published by Infowars.

While delving into the on-going firestorm surrounding Porter, radio host Rush Limbaugh recalled that the departed White House secretary had worked closely under Chief of Staff John Kelly in enacting new policies designed to restrict which news stories and media reports were passed on to the President.

Scroll to 1:26:25 for audio segment.

"He's been credited with working with the chief of staff to control the flow of information to the president," Limbaugh said. "And what that means is that Trump gets less Breitbart and less Infowars and more Politico and more mainstream news."

"It used to be, according to what we've been told, the Oval Office door was open and you could walk in with anything you found anywhere on the internet and give it to Trump, and he'd take it for what it was and react to it. But the new chief of staff put limits on who is able to get in there."

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