NYC To Install 1,500 'Diversity Barriers' After Latest Terror Attacks

Chris Menahan
Jan. 03, 2018

New York City is planning to erect over 1,500 "security barriers," aka "diversity barriers," in an attempt to prevent Muslim terrorists from running people over with trucks of peace.

From The Hill:
New York City is planning to install over 1,500 security barriers throughout the city to prevent terror-related attacks following recent vehicle-related homicides in the city.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday the plans to build the barriers as part of the initial phase of a $50-million security infrastructure plan to upgrade the city's defenses against such attacks. The barriers will be installed near the sites of the two attacks in Times Square and Lower Manhattan.

"In 2017, New Yorkers witnessed the horrible capacity of people willing to do us harm, whether it was in our subways, on our bike paths or in Times Square," the mayor said in a statement."But we will not be cowed, and our expandedinvestment today in barriers and bollards in our public spaces underscores our resolve in keeping New York City safe from future attacks."
Hopefully those bollards will do more to stop the many vehicles careening into people than Germany's "Merkel Blocks" which don't stop anything.

They're going to need to be effective as libs have made it clear they think fortress New York City is the peak of human civilization.

Incidentally, here's what the homicide rate in New York City looks like if you zoom out rather than start in 1990:

To think all they had to do was spend $4.8 billion a year to turn the city into a police state!

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