Twitter Steps Up War On Free Speech By Rejecting Anti-Amnesty Ad As 'Hateful'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 17, 2017

An advertisement from Americans for Legal Immigration PAC which asked Americans to call congress to stop the DACA "DREAM Act" amnesty legislation was rejected as "hateful content."

The ad was a simple meme saying, "CALL CONGRESS TO STOP AMNESTY NOW!"

Twitter rejected the ad, citing their policy on "hateful content."

According to Twitter's "hateful content in advertising" policy, they prohibit "hate speech or advocacy against a protected group or an individual or organization," including "status as an immigrant" or "refugee."

Opposing a piece of legislation currently up for debate in congress is "hate speech or advocacy against a protected group," according to Twitter. Presumably, you can only advocate in favor of the legislation and not against it.

"It is time for Congress for the FEC to step in and stop corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter from using their power to influence free speech, campaigns, elections, and legislation and time for Congress to break up these monopolies and apply regulations to protect citizens from abuse as we have done with phone and power utilities," ALIPAC President William Gheen said in a statement. "Google, Twitter, and Facebook are all providing unequal services for us based on our creed. Our creed is our shared belief with millions of other Americans that Amnesty for illegal immigrants is destructive to America and our existing immigration laws should be enforced instead. For this creed we share, mega corporations like Twitter are targeting us for abuse, censorship, and discriminatory treatment."

All the biggest social media sites, Google (which owns YouTube), Facebook, Twitter and Reddit now have nearly identical policies designed specifically to stifle the free speech of right-wing voices they disagree with. This is blatant collusion and fertile grounds for anti-trust complaints. Google and Facebook especially have more power than any "Standard Oil" monopoly of the past by a hundred fold. It's absolute insanity that they're allowed to censor speech on their platforms, which amounts to the public commons, and yet our supposedly Republican controlled government won't do anything about it.

It was reported earlier this week that billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel may be aiming to break up Google. He donated $300,000 to Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley from 2015-2016, who is currently leading an anti-trust probe into Google's anti-competitive practices.

That's a good start but we also need these companies to be targeted for their attacks on free speech.

This chart from researcher Leo Goldstein shows what percentage of traffic each of these large liberal and conservative sites get from Google search results:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize their search results are rigged.

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