Bernie Sanders Says 'We Are One Nation,' Immediately Attacks Trump

Chris Menahan
Aug. 29, 2017

Bernie "The Great Uniter" Sanders told CBS Tuesday that "we are one nation" -- then immediately attacked President Trump.

From Free Beacon:
Appearing on "CBS This Morning" to discuss his new book, Sanders was asked about the disastrous flooding in Houston, Texas, and his own state of Vermont's need for federal funding after Hurricane Irene hit in 2011.
"It seems to me that at this particular moment in American history, if there's any silver lining in the terrible suffering that's going on in Houston, it's to remember that we are one country," Sanders said. "I am sure that in Houston, whether you're black or your white or Latino or Native American or Asian American, people are coming together to help each other all over the country."

"We are one nation, and we have got to stop the type of divisions that Trump and others are bringing about, trying to divide us up," Sanders added. "We are one people. We're going to stand with the people of Texas today."
While it's nice rhetoric, polls show Americans are completely divided on what it even means to be an American.

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