Leaked Audio: Seymour Hersh Says Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source, DNC Made Up Russia Story

Chris Menahan
Aug. 02, 2017

Veteran journalist Seymour Hersh can be heard in a newly leaked audio tape saying Seth Rich was Wikileaks source, the DNC made up the Russia hacking story and "Trump's not wrong to think they all f*cking lied about him."

It's unclear who is on the other end of the call, but it may be Ed Butowsky as he's was just named in a lawsuit from Rod Wheeler for allegedly having made up Fox News' Seth Rich story to distract from the Russia investigation.

This excerpt from NPR's story on the lawsuit yesterday is why I think he was likely the person on the other end of the call:
Butowsky says he became convinced that the FBI had a report concluding that Seth Rich's laptop showed he had had contacts with WikiLeaks after speaking to the legendary reporter Seymour Hersh, who was also investigating Rich's death. According to the transcripts in the lawsuit, Butowsky says Hersh had an FBI source who confirmed the report.

In an interview this week, Hersh sounds unconvinced.

"I hear gossip," Hersh tells NPR on Monday. "[Butowsky] took two and two and made 45 out of it."
Wheeler's lawsuit is loaded with contradictions and is comically ridiculous, nonetheless this leaked audio of Hersh is stunning and it's quite understandable he would deny it.

This audio was uploaded to a channel titled, "DeBunking Rod Wheeler," which is another reason to think it's Butowsky.

Here's a summation of the content from 4chan:
- For anyone who doesn't know, Hersh is a big deal, investigative reporter, old school. Has typically excellent "Deep Throat" style sources. Outsider after revealing Osama death secrets.

- Hersh says Seth Rich's killing is officially a mugging gone wrong, but...
- Hersh confirms DC police and FBI DID gain access to Rich's PC files
- Hersh says Rich had DNC files (emails?) on his computer
- Hersh confirms Seth Rich contacted Wikileaks
- Hersh confirms Seth Rich contacted Wikileaks!
- Hersh said Rich was asking for money, may have given teaser files.
- Hersh says (I think) that Wikileaks subsequently gained access to Rich's dropbox anyway (after his death?)(before?)
- Hersh says Rich also gave files to trusted friends
- Hersh says this is ALL IN AN FBI REPORT

Here comes the big one
- They KNEW it was a leak, but
- Says Government was involved in constructing it
- Mentions Brennan (CIA Director under Obama)
- "Trump's not wrong to think they all f*cking lied about him"
If this FBI file exists, there should be a record of it somewhere. The FBI's newly confirmed director Christoper Wray should get on this ASAP.

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