Gary Cohn: Trump's 'Views Are Evolving' On Climate Change Hoax

Chris Menahan
May. 26, 2017

Goldman Sachs banker turned White House adviser Gary Cohn says President Trump's "views are evolving" on the climate change hoax.

From The Washington Post:
TAORMINA, Italy -- President Trump's views on climate policy are "evolving" after European allies personally pressured him to reverse his vow to abandon an international agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions, a senior White House adviser said at the Group of Seven summit here on Friday.

Trump is considering remaining in the 2015 Paris environmental accord, a decision that would be a striking turnabout for a president who during his campaign pledged to scrap the agreement and has routinely labeled climate change a "hoax."

"His views are evolving," said National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, who accompanied Trump at the G-7 summit. "He came here to learn. He came here to get smarter."

Cohn said Trump feels "much more knowledgeable" on the topic and "learned how important it is for the United States to show leadership." For instance, Cohn said, the European leaders impressed upon Trump that a global agreement, even if more than 100 nations sign on, has little power if it is not endorsed by the United States.

"The president, he digested that," Cohn said. "That was a meaningful moment for him."

The statement from Cohn, who has been privately counseling Trump to stay in the Paris accord, followed days of lobbying by foreign leaders during Trump's first trip abroad urging him not to abandon it.

The president of France tried to persuade him, as did the prime minister of Belgium and the heads of the European Union. Then there was Pope Francis, who gifted Trump a copy of his encyclical on preserving the environment and the "care of our common home."

Trump has been waiting to make a final decision about whether to withdraw from the accord until after he returns home to Washington this weekend. Cohn said he will decide based on "what's best for the United States," and is also weighing domestic manufacturing and other economic concerns.
It came out in February Jared Kushner and Ivanka are also pushing Trump to stay in this scam of an agreement.

No one who voted for Trump voted to continue this hoax. They voted for the man who said it was a scam by the Chinese to deindustrialize America.

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