Professor: 'College Campuses Are Not Free Speech Areas'

Chris Menahan
May. 12, 2017

College campuses are no place for free speech, at least according to Fresno State University Professor Gregory Thatcher.

From Campus Reform:
A Fresno State University professor was recently caught on camera scrubbing pro-life message off of the sidewalk and encouraging several of his students to do the same.

“The whole idea of free speech is that we have a free speech area on campus, kay?” Professor Gregory Thatcher erroneously declares in a video recorded by the school’s Students for Life chapter. “Free speech is free speech in the free speech area. It’s a pretty simple concept, okay? This does not constitute a free speech area, okay?”
He and his “students” go on to argue that it is within their own First Amendment rights to actively remove the pro-life messages from campus, and in one instance Thatcher claims that since the pro-life group has “permission to put it down” he has “permission to get rid of it.”

“This is our part of free speech. Do you disagree with our part of free speech?” Thatcher asked while erasing one of the club’s messages, after which he proclaimed that “college campuses are not free speech areas.”
It was only a few years ago liberals were mocking George W. Bush's so-called "free speech zones," now they cheer them.

Campus Reform reports The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit against Professor Thatcher for violating their free speech rights.

"Fresno State Students for Life received full permission to chalk pro-life messages near the library. Rather than countering with his own message, Dr. Thatcher took the illegal approach of censoring speech and inciting students to help in this," Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said.

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