Woman Triggered By Confederate Flag Rug Berates Latino Store Employee, Then Plays The Victim

Chris Menahan
May. 11, 2017

Viral video out of Portland shows a white liberal Black Lives Matter activist falsely claim she was assaulted after whining about a liquidation store selling a confederate flag, which she said was a symbol of "slavery and lynching and raping of black people."

Heather Craig Franklin, 33, shared video of herself seeking out liberal stardom by berating a Latino employee at Extreme Deals in Portland, Oregon for "having hate flags on your wall."

In matter of fact, the liquidation store was simply selling a confederate flag rug.

After a store employee responds saying he's "Mexican" and telling her to get over herself, she again insists it's "like having a swastika on your wall."

A random male customer is then seen saying, "look at this liberal whiny b*tch, here."

"Hillary support? Bernie supporter? Which did you vote for that lost? Is that why you're in a bad mood?" he says.

"No, I'm in a bad mood because there's hate symbols on the wall," Franklin responds. "I brought my kids in here and now I have to see hate symbols on the wall."

"The only hater is you," the man says.

After telling Franklin to leave the store, she took a second video in the parking lot whining about how she was treated.

After the customer starts filming her from a safe distance of around 40 yards, the empowered female activist suddenly turns into a damsel in distress and starts crying and screaming about how he "assaulted" her, which is a blatant lie.

A woman is seen coming to her aid, at which point she continues crying and lies telling the woman, "he just attacked me in the store, and he's there following me!"

"They had confederate flags hanging in their store and I brought it up to them and they started pulling me around and calling me a bitch," she lies while hysterically crying.

As expected, Franklin went straight to Facebook to share the videos and bask in victimhood status.

The Oregonian, a local liberal paper, wrote up a story about the incident titled, "Woman intimidated after she asks about Confederate flag rug at Portland store," where they portrayed the liberal lunatic in the most positive of light and ignored the fact she falsely claimed she was assaulted.

The store owner caved and put the employees involved on indefinite leave.

Despite giving into their demands, liberal activists are planning on picketing the store and have organized a boycott.

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