"Why Won't You Demand The Democrats Disavow The Violence of Antifa?" Journo Confronts WH Press Pool

Chris Menahan
May. 01, 2017

Journalist Mike Cernovich, best known for breaking the Susan Rice unmasking scandal, called out members of the White House press pool after Monday's press briefing.

"Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters," Cernvich said, "and why won't you demand that leaders of the Democrats disavow the violence of antifa the way you demanded Trump disavow violence from his supporters?"

"This is being completely covered up, you have no answer," he said.

Members of the press corps were heard shouting at him in response.

"I am a reporter, I'm a documentary filmmaker," Cernovich said. "And I want to know why nobody will demand that the Democrats disavow antifa violence -- terrorism against women happening in America."

"You realize, of course, this is a Republican president, we'll ask Democrats [unintelligible]," one reporter responds.

"Where? Where's the interview of you, demanding that Bernie Sanders disavow antifa? You're not making those demands the way you did with Trump, so it's unfair, it is very important that this get out there," Cernovich said.

Cernovich's actions were cheered on Twitter:

It's hilarious to watch people who make a living off of asking questions of others freak out when questions are asked of them.

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