Antifa Arrested at UC Berkeley for Refusing to Remove Mask

Chris Menahan
Apr. 28, 2017

An anti-fascist protester was arrested on Thursday at UC Berkeley for refusing to remove a surgical mask.

I guess Berkeley police saw how effective this policy was at preventing violence at Auburn University, as the antifa goon-squads depend on anonymity to commit their crimes.

From SF Chronicle:
The encounter that led to the arrest — witnessed by a Chronicle reporter —began when another protester arrived at Sproul Plaza shortly after 11 a.m. with a sign that said, “The issue is not free speech, the issue is fascism.”

A small group of university police officers surrounded that man, Raphael Kadaris of the Refuse Fascism group, and told him that his sign violated a campus ordinance against carrying signs larger than 30 inches by 30 inches.
Kadaris, who handed the sign to a bystander, was given a warning.

But the second man, wearing a surgical mask, refused to remove it, identify himself or submit to a photograph.

...He told police he was wearing the mask because of a sore throat and that he had left his wallet and identification at home.
According to the SF Chronicle, police charged the suspect for "obstructing officers, wearing a mask to evade police and giving false identification."

Five people in total were reportedly arrested, one being a 52-year-old man who was carrying a concealed "dirk/dagger."

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