Germany: Turkish Migrant Sedated, Raped 53-Yr-Old Hospital Patient In His Care

Chris Menahan
Apr. 19, 2017

A 58-year-old Turkish migrant working as a nursing assistant at Rechts der Isar hospital in Germany reportedly sedated and raped a 53-year-old female patient in his care.

The heinous crime occurred last December but was only reported on by the German media earlier this month.

From Süddeutsche Zeitung (as translated by Egri Nök for Gates Of Vienna):
He apparently sedated the 53-year-old and sexually abused her on the toilet in the Rechts der Isar hospital. He has been dismissed.

A 53-year-old patient who was treated as an in-patient in the Rechts der Isar hospital appears to have been raped by a nursing assistant. Meanwhile the suspect is in custody.

One morning in late December at the neurological station, the 53-year-old complained about abdominal pain. Her daughter then informed the police. At an examination, traces of sperm were found, police started the investigation. A few weeks later it turned out that the DNA traces of a 58-year-old nursing assistant were found on the victim. It appears that the man sedated the patient, took her to the toilet of her room in the hospital, undressed and raped her. Then, he dressed the woman again and took her back to her bed.

The 58-year-old had been working in the Rechts der Isar Hospital for ten years and has no prior convictions. The hospital has dismissed the nursing assistant in the meantime, and regrets the incident. The man was arrested in February, when he was on his way to his family in Turkey. The man’s criminal attorneys, Vincent Burgert and Eva Maria Krötz, confirm the incident at the request of the SZ. “There are no new insights and developments at the present moment,” Burgert said on Sunday. “We do not wish to make any further statements.”
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