Germany: Muslims Film Rap Video With Weapons Day After Terror Attack, Get Arrested

Chris Menahan
Apr. 13, 2017

A group of Islamist rappers were arrested in Dortmund for filming a rap video with weapons in the middle of town, just one day after the Borussia Dortmund football team's bus was bombed in a suspected terror attack.

Witnesses said the shoot had an "Islamic feel."

The Daily Mail reports:
Carsten Drees, who captured the video, wrote on Facebook: 'A few guys had a rather hammered idea that one day after the attack in Dortmund it was essential to shoot a very hard rap video with an Islamic touch and soft-air-hum.

'I guess this idea will not have them again so quickly.'

A Dortmund Police spokesman said that the 'deceptively real-looking long-arm caused fear and fright in several citizens'.

Police said that members of the public were concerned because some of the men had 'longer beards'.

One of the men will be given a notice for violating the city's weapons law, according to Volksfreund.
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