Doctor Kicked Off United Flight Is Felon Who Traded Oxycontin For Gay Sex With Patient

Chris Menahan
Apr. 11, 2017

It turns out "Dr David Dao" isn't such a good boy after all.

From The Daily Mail:
The troubled past of the doctor who was dragged off United Airlines in an incident which has plunged the company into crisis is revealed - including his felony conviction and need for 'anger management'.

Dr David Dao has past of illicit gay sex with a patient, and tested positive for drugs, official documents reveal.

...The father of five, who has won sympathy globally over the incident, was given a suspended jail sentence for illegally obtaining and trafficking controlled substances by fraud and deceit.

He was also found to have in engaged in sex with a male patient- Brian Case, who he knew from the church they both attended - and then supplied him with drugs, including Oxycontin, in exchange for sexual favors.
The sexual liaisons, which happened motel rooms, were recorded by undercover agents. He paid $200 in cash each time he met Case.

Case said he believed that Dr. Dao wanted to hook him on drugs so he would keep meeting him for gay sex.

Dr. Dao was arrested when Case agreed to go undercover. Even when he was caught with his shirt off and pants unbuckled, he denied he was there for gay sex with Case.

The secret sex and drugs life of the doctor first came to light in in July 2003 when police alerted the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure of the allegations against him.

In October 2003 he was indicted by a Jefferson County Grand Jury for 'criminal acts of trafficking in a controlled substance, obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit, and unauthorized prescribing, dispensing or administering of controlled substances'.

His medical license was suspended later that month.
A psychiatrist who examined Dr. Dao "as far back as April 2002" said "he would unilaterally chose to do his own thing."

This doesn't excuse the behavior of the thug cops, but it sure makes the story a lot more interesting.

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