France: Asian Mobs Riot in Paris After Police Shooting

Chris Menahan
Mar. 28, 2017

Asian mobs rioted in the streets of Paris on Monday night after police shot a 56-year-old Chinese father of five who they say charged them with a pair of scissors and stabbed one of their officers.

The family says he was just holding scissors to "cut up fish."

In accordance with local customs in the new culturally enriched France, Asian groups decided to organize a riot.

From The Daily Express:
Shaoyo Liu, 56, was killed by anti-crime police after they were called to his family home in the wake of a family disagreement.

According to the police, Mr Liu was killed because Mr Liu rushed to assault one of the officers "as soon as the door was opened", so another officer opened fire on the father of five.

The policeman who was the victim of the knife attack was taken to hospital straight after the incident.

However, the family insists that their father had scissors to cut fish up that he was cooking.
Here's coverage on the riot from RT:
Police in Paris clashed with demonstrators from the Asian community in front of a police station following a protest over the police killing of a 56-year-old man over the weekend.

Hundreds of members of the Asian community gathered on Monday in front of the police station of the 19th arrondissement, where they had placed candles in memory of Shaoyo Liu who was killed by a police officer at his home in Paris during a raid.
At some point during the vigil, a police car was set on fire after activists allegedly broke a window of the vehicle and threw an incendiary device inside, Le Parisien reports noting that the vehicle completely burnt out.

Following the incident, police moved in on the protesters. Visuals from the scene show police in riot gear trying to disperse the crowd of some 200 people.

The clashes subsided shortly before midnight. Three policemen from the CSI 75 unit were "slightly injured by projectiles" a police source told Le Parisien, while three protesters were arrested.
More videos:

This is end result of mass immigration and so-called "multiculturalism."

While we were promised a utopia where everyone gets along and benefits from each other's uniqueness, instead we're seeing tribal warfare in the streets.

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