HBO's John Oliver Defends The CIA, Says Unplug Your TV If You Don't Like Being Spied On

Chris Menahan
Mar. 14, 2017

Beloved liberal icon John Oliver defended the CIA for four minutes straight on his show Sunday and said if you don't like being spied on by your TV you can just "unplug" it.

"Most important to keep in mind here regarding these revelations is the CIA, with some narrow exceptions, is barred from spying domestically," Oliver said, "and unlike the Snowden leaks, there is nothing in these documents so far showing illegal surveillance of Americans."

Oliver said "even if" your TV is spying on you, "experts advise there's still actually a potential way to circumvent it, it's a little complicated so I'll walk you through it, step one: unplug the TV... and that is it, end of steps, you're off the grid."

Oliver went on to joke about how the CIA gave their programs funny names like "Brutal Kangaroo," "CrunchyLimeSkies," "AngerQuake" and "McNugget."

Really hilarious stuff.

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