Leftist Mob Violently Attacks Female Professor, Author Charles Murray

Chris Menahan
Mar. 04, 2017

Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve and a prominent NeverTrumper, was labeled a "white supremacist" and violently attacked by protesters at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Middlebury professor Allison Stanger, who tried to protect Murray from the unhinged mob, had her hair yanked on so hard she was hospitalized and now has to wear a neck brace.

From The Daily Caller:
American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray and a Middlebury College professor were both assaulted by left-wing demonstrators Thursday night following a disrupted talk by the conservative researcher at the Vermont-based school.

Murray was being escorted off university grounds by Middlebury professor Allison Stanger when the pair were greeted by an angry mob of around 30 demonstrators — some of whom were masked, the Vermont newsweekly Seven Days reported.
Stanger suffered neck injuries during the mob’s assault after she had her hair pulled while trying to get Murray in his car. She’s now having to wearing a neck brace after the assault.

Murray’s vehicle was attacked once he got inside of it, with protesters jumping up on the car and banging on its windows. The mob managed to place a cement-based stop sign in front of the car in an attempt to block it from moving, according to Seven Days.
However, Murray was able to drive away from the violent mob without being harmed.

School officials condemned the violence of the anti-Murray demonstrators Friday and called them a “mob” who created a “very, very dangerous situation.” “The demonstrators were trying to block Mr. Murray and Professor Stanger’s way out of the building and to the car,” Middlebury College spokesman Bill Burger told Seven Days. “It became a pushing and shoving match, with the officers trying to protect those two people from demonstrators — and it became violent.”

....Besides being attacked by a mob for his views, the Associated Press smeared the self-declared libertarian Murray as a “white nationalist” in its report of the incident, which he is not.
Charles Murray was NeverTrump. His book is not controversial, it's factual science about race and IQ reported in the most polite way possible.

Nonetheless, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left, terrorism inspiring hate group, which has a $302 million endowment, labeled him a "white supremacist" and said his factual studies are "racist pseudoscience."

Look at how the AP's Lisa Rathke reported this story:
MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (AP) — Hundreds of college students on Thursday protested a lecture by a writer some called a white nationalist, forcing the college to move his talk to an undisclosed campus location from which it was live-streamed to the original venue but couldn't be heard above protesters' chants, feet stamping and occasional smoke alarms.

Speaker Charles Murray wrote "The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life" and "Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010." The Southern Poverty Law Center considers him a white nationalist who uses "racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino communities, women and the poor."

Murray hasn't responded to an email seeking comment.

Middlebury College students turned their backs on Murray just as he started to speak Thursday and chanted "Who is the enemy? White supremacy!" ''Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!" and "Your message is hatred. We cannot tolerate it."

They continued their chants until the college announced that Murray would speak from another location on campus. Students continued their protests, drowning out the talk.

More than 450 alumni also signed a letter calling the decision to have Murray on campus "unacceptable."

"Both students and other community members came out to show that we are not accepting these kind of racist, misogynistic, eugenist opinions being expressed at our college," said student Elizabeth Dunn, a protest organizer. "We don't think that they deserve a platform because they are literally hate speech."
This is pure SPLC propaganda.

According to the left, anyone to the right of Karl Marx is a "Nazi" who should be punched and assaulted.

The left is now openly using terrorism to suppress the political views of those they disagree with.

Why aren't these criminals being hit with federal charges?

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