Assange: We Published Emails 'To Give The American People True Information' On Power Elites

Chris Menahan
Jan. 06, 2017

This man is a hero.

From Fox News:
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told Fox News' Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview that his organization published hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman "to give the American people true information about the players that they were going to have to deal with."
"We’re in the business of publishing information about power," Assange said. "Why are we in the business of publishing information about power? Because people can do things with power, they can do very bad things with power. If they’re incompetent, they can do dangerous things. If they’re evil, they can do wicked things."
If Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the DNC didn't do anything wrong, no one would have cared about their emails and there would have been no scandal as happened with Sarah Palin. The outrage came because the leaks revealed they're criminal scum who cheated during the primaries and gave billions to ISIS-funding Saudi Arabia and Qatar in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation.
In Part III of the interview, which aired Thursday on the Fox News Channel, Assange also said that governments "hate transparency. They loathe it. Because they have to work harder."

...Governments are "full of incompetent people," Assange told Hannity. "And the more secretive the area is, the more incompetent it becomes because there’s no proper oversight."
If we had an honest press, such information could be leaked to the New York Times or Washington Post and they would actually run with it. As we have a dishonest press, some Australian dude needs to publish it while locked up in an Ecuadorian embassy.

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