White Privilege: Poor White Kids Least Likely to Reach College in UK

Chris Menahan
Dec. 30, 2016

The left is succeeding marvelously in their quest to eliminate "white privilege" in the United Kingdom.

From The Daily Mail:
Poor white children are the least likely of all social groups in the UK to reach university, a damning study has found.

Only one in ten white British teenagers from the country's most deprived income group make it to higher education.

The scathing report blamed the low attainment levels on poor performance at school, with research showing that white British teenagers achieving the worst grades at GCSE level.

The study by the Government's Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission found that children from ethnic minorities are far more likely to go to university.

Three in ten black children, five in ten Bangladeshi and seven in ten Chinese children go on to study at university in the UK, painting a stark contrast to their white British counterparts.

The report found:

1. One in ten children from poor white British families reach university
2. In contrast, three in ten black children five in ten Bangladeshi and seven in ten Chinese children go on to study at university in the UK
3. White children achieve the worst grades at GCSE level
4. Poor parenting in white British households blamed for poor performance Black students are the least likely to achieve a good degree
5. British Asians face the most discrimination when it comes to getting a job in top managerial and professional sectors

The report, published yesterday, blames poor parenting among white British homes and found a worrying gap between the performance of pupils from the poorest and better-off households in white British families.

It said white British parents are less involved in their children's education as they grow up, are less able to pay for private tuition and are less encouraging and this has a long-term impact on how well they do academically.
Perhaps the parents are struggling too because their jobs have been handed over to foreigners who've driven down their wages?

They sure as hell can't get a job with the BBC.

The picture up top is from 2012, it shows a class in Birmingham where 31 different languages are spoken by the students. Only one of the students is English.

Here's what the 6th grade class looked like in 2015:

Poor British kids are being screwed over and passed over in the country their forefathers built for them.

"Poor parenting" is not the issue.

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