Gay Schoolteacher, Partner Accused of Sexually Abusing 8 Boys Kill Themselves

Dec. 30, 2016

An elementary schoolteacher and his partner engaged in ongoing sexual contact with eight underage boys over several years and then killed themselves when discovered, according to documents released by police in South St. Paul Minnesota Tuesday.

South St. Paul police have wrapped up their four-month investigation into 4th-grade teacher Aric Babbitt and Matthew Deyo last week, filing a redacted 134-page case report detailing illegal sexual activity including "anal sexual intercourse" between the two men and a number of schoolboys.

Police were tipped off by a 16-year-old boy and his parents who reported "an ongoing sexual relationship" with Babbitt and Deyo. The boy told police that Babbitt had been his former elementary school teacher, and that Babbitt had agreed to mentor him when he came out as gay to his family. He said that Babbitt gave him gifts of underwear and yoga shorts and also requested photos of him, before moving on to sexual activity.

After obtaining a search warrant regarding criminal sexual conduct and possession of child pornography for Babbitt and Deyo's residence, police searched the house and confiscated several computers, phones, tablets, cameras, and hard drives.

Investigators were able to identify a number of other victims through photos and videos on the media devices that belonged to Babbitt and Deyo, including a hidden camera they had installed in a bathroom lock. Other victims came forward on their own accusing the couple of abuse after the investigation became public.

Police approached one victim after discovering a video of the boy being touched by Babbitt and Deyo while they played video games at the Deyo family farm. In other videos, Babbitt filmed himself masturbating in a school bathroom or in his empty classroom, near a student's desk.

The men would often provide the boys with alcohol and marijuana prior to sexual activity, the police report showed, warning their victims to keep their activity secret.

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